SHC Board of Directors

Mike Cavey–President

Robert Montgomery–Vice President

Natalie Shiposh–Secretary

Michael Kisha–Treasurer

Leslie Berzansky

Jay Mitzel

Richard Ouellette

Melissa Orr

Mark Shee

Don Spickler

Thomas Tulisiak, M.D.

Linda Yoder

About Us

The Society for Handicapped Citizens of Medina County, Inc. (SHC) has been providing services to individuals with disabilities and their families since 1953.  The agency provides an array of services with emphasis on helping individuals with disabilities maximize their full potential as members of the community.
The SHC is The Arc of Medina County and embraces the core values of The Arc of the United States:  People First, Democracy, Visionary Leadership, Community Participation, Diversity, and Integrity and Excellence.
SHC advocates for human rights, personal dignity and community participation of individuals with developmental disabilities.  We’re able to facilitate this through legislative and social action, information and education and with the support of dedicated family members, friends, interested citizens and professionals in the disability field.