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Level 1 one-week course—$75
Level 2 one-week course—$75
Level 1 & 2 combined one-week program—$125

General Information

SHC is proud and excited to offer a new education and training opportunity to individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID). New laws and regulations push for increased community integration for individuals within employment settings and beyond into their daily lives. However, many individuals need more support in learning appropriate social skills that are necessary for increased community integration, and other individuals may need periodic reminders and reinforcement. Long before federal and state law changes, SHC knew it was time to provide training regarding socially acceptable relationship skills or to have skills refreshed and reinforced. After searching and reviewing potential materials, and after securing generous donations from 100+ Women Who Care of Medina County and Akron-Canton CPCU, SHC was able to purchase the Circles® program which we customized to meet individual’s needs. There are two levels of Relationship Training, and Level 1 is required before progressing to Level 2. While all ID individuals are welcome, the Lead Trainers will gather information to ensure individuals are placed into an appropriate session group for the best learning outcomes.

Level 1

In Level 1, individuals can participate in group, co-ed sessions that present the Circles of appropriate contact. Participants develop a better understanding of people whom they may have physical contact with and what kind of physical contact is appropriate, whether it is a close hug, a side or far-away hug, a handshake, a wave, or even no contact at all. Individuals enjoy instruction that includes video examples, discussions, and hands-on activities that allow them to learn skills or have current skills reinforced.
Individuals create visual aids that remind them of who is in which circle. They even have the opportunity to practice their skills with others to fortify their skills when interacting with others at home, at work, or in the community.
Level 1 training consists of six, one-hour sessions (once per week for six consecutive weeks) with extra practice at home in between sessions. Individuals may participate in one six-week session or may participate in multiple sessions to ensure command of necessary skills.
Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2 training. While it is recommended, participants who complete Level 1 do not have to continue to Level 2.

Level 2

After completing Level 1, participants who move to Level 2 learn about the “close hug circle” in greater detail and intimate contact. Intimate contact topics include abstinence, healthy relationships and inappropriate relationships, ways to prevent abuse and unwanted contact, and information regarding safe sexual contact and the potential outcomes of sexual contact.
Level 2 training consists of six, one-hour sessions (once per week for six consecutive weeks) with extra practice at home in between sessions. The groups are smaller and are not co-ed in order to encourage comfort in asking questions about sensitive topics.
SHC is honored to assist individuals with ID navigate this delicate subject matter in a considerate and comfortable way.
Feel free to contact Lisa Taunt at 330-571-6681 or with any questions. Anyone interested should take the first step by calling, emailing, or visiting our website at SHC will contact respondents to gather more information about participants and recommend appropriate session groups.

Class Schedule for 2018

First Quarter
Level 1
March 5-9
The Link, 620 E. Smith Rd. #F Medina, OH 44256
Second Quarter
Level 1 & 2
June 4-8
SHC Office, 4283 Paradise Rd. Seville, OH 44273
Third Quarter
Level 1
September 3-7
The Ashland Link, 905 E. Main St. Ashland, OH 44805