Michael Beh, Lisa Taunt, Shelly Wharton, Melanie Kasten-Krause,

Jennifer Anzalone, Will McMahan, Tony Kirkby, Lynn Emmons

Melanie Kasten-Krause

Executive Director

330-722-1900, ext. 250


Shelly Wharton

Associate Executive Director

330-722-1900, ext. 126


Michael Beh

Director of Finance

330-722-1900, ext.224


Lynn Emmons

Director of Human Resources

330-722-1900, ext. 200


Jennifer Roman Anzalone

Director of Development and Community Relations

330-722-1900, ext. 265


Will McMahan

Director of Strategic Operations the Links Ohio



Tony Kirkby

Director of Clinical Operations and Staff Development

330-722-1900, ext. 325


Director of Residential Services

330-722-1900, ext.


Melissa Hart

Residential Community Operations Manager

330-722-1900, ext. 150