Have you heard? SHC is moving into the next decade with a new look! As the year comes to an end we fondly remember those who have made a difference for us, our family, and staff. SHC, The Society for Handicapped Citizens thanks you for your support and encouragement.  We are once again excited to share our future plans with our friends.

Since 1953, we have been partnering with individuals with disabilities and their families to provide a full range of services to assist them in living a quality life in their chosen community. What does that mean? We have worked together to build a friendship. We have worked together, as a team to ensure those we are entrusted with are supported with opportunities like all of us. Together, we have grown from providers to friends to family.

Best summed up by experienced SHC nurse, Carolyn Hartman believes we are family. “I’ve watched so many of them grow up. I’ve seen their achievements. It’s very rewarding. They give you such satisfaction. Every day it’s like Christmas with them. They give you so much. It’s generous affection.”

As we enter the next decade we expand our family into community with a new look, The Society – Trusted. Compassionate. Experienced. Our past, present, and future, tied together in friendship, trust, and strength. Defined as a voluntary association of individuals for a common goal, the word society highlights the collaboration we have with individuals, families, staff and our community. We are joined together to make a difference!

Over the next couple months, you’ll notice the new image for The Society more often. We hope you’ll continue this journey with us into the next decade. Please stay tuned for updates!